33-35 Week Bumpdate




How Far Along: 33-35 Weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Someone gets the hiccups a couple of times each day now. Her movements aren’t as often as they were just a week or so ago. I think she is running out of room in there! I certainly feel like there is literally no more room! She is officially in the “birthing position” with her head down!

Symptoms: The feet and ankle swelling is so bad every.single.day. I literally only have two pairs of shoes I can wear and well…they don’t match everything. Most mornings I can’t even fit in to my workout shoes! Along with the swelling is the lovely back pain. Ouch! It is all normal and to be expected though!

Sleep: It is getting painful to lay down for long periods of time so sleep is a little sparse. I wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom and just walk around to get my back or side to feel better.

Cravings: There isn’t really anything that I just had to have lately, but I have been indulging a lot.

Aversions: None. There have been a few meals where I literally didn’t know what I wanted to eat though because nothing sounded good. Hanger problems.

Maternity Clothes: Dresses and maternity leggings are still my jam. I basically wear the same 6 outfits over and over.

Missing:Nothing I can’t live without.

Nursery Plans: Our nursery chair came in last weekend!!! I am really happy with the material and color. Mac approves as well because every time we go in to that room, he immediately jumps in the chair like it is his throne.

Last weekend we also went to Buy Buy Baby and a few bargain hunts to pick up items we still needed. We got a mattress, crib sheets, changing pad, changing pad covers, a swing, cube shelves for her closet and a few other small things. I ordered an ottoman and a thermometer for her online and we have the dresser picked out finally and just need to order and pick it up. I haven’t hung anything on the walls because I am waiting to have all the furniture in there, so I am really excited to get this all done!!!

I spent last Friday night washing and organizing all her clothes, folding blankets, and putting together her crib mobile while listening to music. It was perfect. My favorite thing is just hanging out in that room! As soon as you open the the door, the smell of Dreft and new diapers hits you and it is my favorite scent ever. So crazy she will be in there is just a few more weeks!

My weekly appointments started this Tuesday. The doctor was happy with her heartbeat, measurements, my blood pressure and that she was in the right position. She said that she can literally come at anytime now and we discussed a little about my delivery and that I needed to have my hospital bag packed. I am getting really excited!!!

31-32 Week Bumpdate

I got a little behind last week on my bumpdates, but at least I took pictures! That should clearly count for something, right?


And here is a bonus 32 week work out bump!


How Far Along: 31-32 Weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Little girl is starting to get in to a schedule/routine of when she has her active times. There are a few times throughout my work day I can feel her, and then she really gets going again between 7-8pm after I get home. I just love feeling her moving around in there and watching from the outside.

Symptoms: My feet and ankles have really started to swell up over the last two weeks. A lot!!! There has been a day or two where they look completely normal, but oh man there are some days where it looks like I have the feet of someone who weights 500 pounds or something. It is crazy! And I never really though about how it would feel to be so swollen, it’s not a good feeling.

Sleep: Still waking up a few times each night to go to the bathroom or change which side I am laying on. There were two nights this week where I only woke up once, that was a treat!

Cravings: There isn’t really anything that I just had to have lately, but I have been indulging a lot.

Aversions: None.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity dresses and maternity leggings are my jam. I need to pick up a few pieces to get me through the next few weeks to look seasonally appropriate.

Missing:Nothing I can’t live without.

Nursery Plans: At 31 weeks, Chris put the crib together! He made it look so easy and had it put up in about 15-20 minutes. I was impressed! Last weekend my sister came over and we painted the nursery, again. I just wasn’t happy with the first color I chose. It looked like a robin blue not gray. This color is Storm by Benjamin Moore and it is perfect!



I have found a dresser and curtains that I really love, but we are still looking around and not 100% decided just yet. We still need to order the glider and ottoman too.

Excited: This Sunday is my baby shower!!! My sister and sister-in-law are hosting and I am so excited to see my family and close friends and spend a few hours celebrating this sweet baby girl.


30 Weeks


How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: She has been moving around a lot this week and a lot more often too. Before I felt her maybe a few times here and there throughout the day and then for about 20 minutes at night betwen 7-8pm. Now I feel her a lot more often and for longer amounts of time. I think someone is preparing to come and get the party started!

Symptoms: My fall allergies are in full force this week and I don’t really want to take anything for them so stuffy nose and watery eyes for the win! The heartburn has calmed down, yay!! Lots of hip pain, but that is to be expected at this point.

Sleep: Still waking up a few times each night to go to the bathroom or change which side I am laying on.

Cravings:Yesterday I really wanted a big salad so I went and picked one up at Newks with a coworker. I hope I get more cravings for salad. Or veggies. LOL.

Aversions: None.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity dresses and I whipped out some maternity leggings yesterday that I picked up at Motherhood last week. So comfy!!!

Missing:Nothing I can’t live without.

Nursery Plans: I am hoping to finally get the crib put together! I think I have figured out where I want a dresser and glider and everything too so now we just need to find the perfect ones.


Bumpdate – Weeks 28 and 29

Last week got away from me and I never completed my 28 Week Bumpdate so I thought I would combine the last two weeks for you!


How Far Along: 28-29 Weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Right when I hit 29 weeks, I have noticed a serious increase in the amount of movement going on throughout the day. It is more often and it lasts longer and is so strong sometimes. Also, I can see her moving now from outside my belly! It is the weirdest, yet coolest thing ever!

Symptoms: So up until this week, I have gone through this pregnancy unscathed by heartburn. I maybe had it for a few minutes here and there a couple times but it was nothing. Nothing compared to the vengeance that has taken over my body this week!!! Out of nowhere anything that I eat that is hot in temperature gives me heartburn. What is up with that? And it lasts hours and hours and hours. I am going to have to give up tomato anything and orange juice too because those acidic things are triggers. Also, my lower back is so swollen you can actually see and feel it through my clothes.

Sleep: I wake up at least once a night for a potty break, a few times to change the side that I am laying on, and this past Saturday night in to Sunday morning? I was up at 3:15 am for the day. Woof.

Cravings:You know, I don’t think I had any real strong cravings this past week. I always want carbs and sweet things, but that is normal.

Aversions: Not really any, other than chicken of course.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity dresses all day every day.

Missing:Nothing I can’t live without.

Nursery Plans:The nursery has seen some serious progress last weekend because….we painted!!!

30 Week Doctor Appointment: I had my 30 week doctor appointment on Tuesday (even though I am officially 30 weeks today!!!) And everything went smoothly. This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to have a shot or have blood taken so that was nice! I got to hear her heartbeat, my doctor told me that I will be getting a flu shot when I come back in two weeks and that I am entering the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy since I am 3/4 of the way there!!! I had my biggest weight gain in the last two weeks, which wasn’t so thrilling. I heard a lot of people have a big gain right around 30 weeks though and my doctor said I am fine so whatever. I am just rolling with it. These appointments every two weeks really make things feel like they are going by faster! Only 10 more weeks!

Look where her little hand is!!! I remember when it was a little pink dot!


Things I Want For My Daughter

One of the many many things that worries me about having a child today, is how scary the world can be. I know that every generation thinks that when they grew up things were different compared to now, that is just the way time works. But in today’s society, I feel like we have all taken several steps back in our evolution of peace and tolerance for others. With all the racial related hate and shootings, people fighting against gay marriage and simple human rights, huge terrorist groups killing just to kill. It is a scary place out there!!! I just want me daughter to know that you can always find good in other people and the world.


I want my daughter to love all people.

I want my daughter to feel safe.

I want my daughter to not ever think of herself as fat or less than.

I want my daughter to believe that she can be anything she wants to be with a little faith and hard work.

I want my daughter to see the good in other people, but not be naive.

I want my daughter to believe in love and love fully.

I want my daughter to believe in the spirit of Christmas, the magic of the tooth fairy, and all the other things that we let slip as we get older.

I want my daughter to know good from evil, right from wrong and be able to make the right choice.

I want my daughter to encourage positivity and avoid negativity.

I want my daughter to know that the more your give, the more you get.

I want my daughter to be able to chose forgiveness. Bitterness and jealousy can ruin your life.

I don’t want my daughter to ever settle.

I want my daughter to believe in compassion and practice that belief towards other people and animals.

I want my daughter to know that it is never too late to change your course in life.

I want my daughter to know that I will love and support her through all that she does.

Bumpdate – 27 Weeks


How Far Along: 27 weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: I don’t know what happened, but I feel like baby girl got 10 times stronger over night! On Wednesday I felt her normal bopping around after I got to work and then a little while later I was like ummmmm what is going on in there? Clearly she was having a party or something. My goodness! So good to feel her getting stronger. Even if my organs don’t appreciate it. Haha!

Symptoms: The usual hip and back pain.

Sleep: Sleep was a little better this week than usual. Just waking up once most nights to go to the bathroom, and then a few times to change sides.

Cravings: Orange juice and peanut m&ms have been my jam this week. And toast with jelly. I have had toast with jelly every day for breakfast the last 5 days.

Aversions: I ordered a chicken dish on Tuesday when I went out for Thai and it was the most delicious thing ever. Butttt I still don’t want it for the most part other days.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity dresses all day every day.

Missing:Nothing I can’t live without.

Nursery Plans: This weekend we went shopping at Hobby Lobby and picked out some items for the nursery walls and a clock for her dresser or side table. I am so excited to start getting in there and setting things up!

Looking Forward To: The crib comes tomorrow! I cannot wait to see that put together in her room!

My sister told me that she ordered the invitations for our baby shower this past weekend. The shower will be October 16th. I am really excited for my baby shower. I never had any graduation parties for high school or college, Chris and I didn’t have a traditional wedding….and so this shower is my turn to celebrate something exciting happening in my life and while it might sound trivial, it is something I am looking forward to!

27 Week Doctor Visit: Tuesday marked the first of my every two week appointments that I will have! I had to have a Rhogam shot and blood work done because I have negative blood. I got to hear her strong and steady heartbeat at 140 beats per minute. My doctor said that I am measuring well and she is pleased.

Something I Want to Remember: Chris’s company threw him a baby shower yesterday at work. Such a sweet thing to do. And you would not believe the stuff he brought home. So. Much. Stuff. I am overwhelmed and so over grateful for all of this. Some of his co-workers signed in the Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go Book and they wrote down advice on cards.


I read the book out loud this morning and I could feel her in there moving around!!! It was the sweetest thing and proof that she hears everything now. In the very front of the book it talks about how Dr Seuss was in to the research behind the baby hearing things and it is so cool. I of course started to tear up on the last two pages. Such a sweet book and I plan to read it many more times to her!


Bumpdate – 26 Weeks

26 weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Still random movement throughout the day. Nothing too strong. It is still the coolest but weirdest feeling ever!

Symptoms: Still have that hip and back pain.

Sleep: I am having to change positions several times a night due to the hip pain, but there were a few nights in the last week where I know I got at least a few uninterrupted hours. So that was really nice!

Cravings: Skittles. Give me all the damn skittles. This little girl loves some candy and carbs.

Aversions: Chicken is still something I haven’t been wanting much of. Sorry, chicken.

Maternity Clothes: All the maternity dresses!

Missing: I was talking to a new mom last night and she talked about how much she missed sushi while she was pregnant, which got me really wanting some!

Nursery Plans: I have been looking at side tables to go next to a glider in her room. I have found several cute and affordable options at TJ Maxx and Homegoods and having a hard time deciding on just one. The bad thing about them is when you go back for it, it is more than likely gone so I am just going to have to make a decision on first look eventually.

Looking Forward To: Our crib is scheduled to arrive in the next week! I can’t wait to walk in her room and see it put together. I just know it is going to make it feel that more real.

Bumpdate – 25 Weeks

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Random kicks here and there. She gets bored while I am at work and mad that I am sitting too long and reminds me to get up. Last weekend there was a day where I am pretty sure she was rolling over or something in there. It was a crazy feeling!

Symptoms: This has probably been the worst week yet with the hip and back pain. Yesterday I could barely get around my hip hurt so bad! I also think I am going to be one of those lucky ones with Braxton Hicks contractions from here on out. I had them all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday.

Sleep: Sleep and I aren’t talking right now. I would love some but apparently it isn’t meant to be. I will be real tired and fall asleep watching TV in the evenings but then when I go to bed it takes awhile to get comfortable. Then I wake up just about every single hour and sometimes can’t fall back asleep for a really long time. Tuesday evening I was having Braxton Hicks contractions severe enough to wake me up out of sleep a few times on top of my normal hip pain and bathroom breaks. I can see nature preparing me for a newborn’s schedule.

Cravings: I really want a donut. Ok fine, donuts. I have also been eating french toast for breakfast a lot of mornings lately. Haven’t made it in years and all of a sudden it is like a four day a week thing!

Aversions: Chicken and I aren’t friends right now. I’m sorry chicken, I hope that I like you again after baby gets here because you are lean and full of protein!

Maternity Clothes: All the maternity dresses!

Missing: It has been a long week and I really would love a glass of wine.

Nursery Plans: I haven’t done a whole lot in the nursery this week. I did find something for the wall at Target that I want to go back and get! I am going to do a gallery wall above her dresser and I already have one piece for it and my sister has picked up two pieces for it so we are chugging a lot with that! My sister also bout a beautiful gold picture frame that I can’t wait to fill with her picture!

Looking Forward To: We have our prepared childbirth class and hospital tour scheduled for Saturday! We wanted to fit it in before football season started since it is an all day thing. I am a little scared for the videos in the childbirth class, but really excited to see the maternity area and birthing suites at our hospital.

Pregnancy Workouts

Before I got pregnant, I was very committed to working out. I worked out Monday-Friday regardless of season or how I felt. I incorporated running and strength training as my main focus. I would sometimes add a Pop Sugar or Jillian Michaels workout in the mix. I knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to keep up a fitness routine of some kind to stay healthy for myself and the baby.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pregnancy workouts so far, as I am half way through this pregnancy now. Most of the workouts I am about to share are free and you can find them on YouTube. There is one fitness DVD that I want to share with you as well.

Most of these YouTube videos are 10-15 minutes long and I like to mix and match two or three of them to get in a really good workout. Or on days that I am not feeling so hot, maybe I just do one but at least I did something!!! I also incorporate PopSugar’s Five Minute Arms at least twice a week to keep the definition there!

Denise Austin’s Prenatal Cardio

Parent’s Best 10 Minute Workout

What to Expect’s Baby Bump Bootcamp

Heidi Klum’s Prenatal Workout

What to Expect’s Cardio Dance

My friend Laura was kind enough to let me borrow her DVD to use as well. I really like this DVD because it comes with a plan you can follow or you can create your own combination based on your time and limitations. The barre workout is my favorite. And let me tell you, some of these workouts on here have me huffing and puffing, so you are certainly feeling the burn!

Fit + Sleek Prenatal Physique with Leah Sarago.

What are you favorite pregnancy workouts?

Bumpdate – 24 Weeks

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Gender: A sweet baby girl!!!

Movement: Still feeling little random kicks and movement going on. Chris thinks he might have felt something Wednesday night. Hopefully he can feel more soon!

Symptoms: Still dealing with hip and lower back pain. I have noticed that my stomach gets real sore as the day goes on.

Sleep: Still waking up during the night having to change positions, with hip pain or needing to go to the bathroom. I try to quit drinking water by 8pm but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Cravings: I made noodles and  beans for lunch this week because I just really wanted noodles! We  have had taco bowls for dinner two nights this week which was perfect because I really want Mexican food! And since it is my birthday week, the cookie cake Chris surprised me with is really perfect!

Aversions: Not really. Still not a huge fan of chicken dishes.

Maternity Clothes: All the maternity dresses!

Missing: Nothing I can’t live without.

Looking Forward to: We ordered a crib last night! It comes in a few weeks so that is exciting!! We are also planning on signing up for the baby class and hospital tour before football season starts. The weeknight classes aren’t really conducive for us so a Saturday it is!


Nursery Plans: I think we are going to choose a silvery-gray for the walls and we want to get some gold dots to tie everything together! Once the crib gets here, it is really going to start looking like a nursery!

What I Want to Remember: It is a crazy feeling to think that this is my last birthday before becoming a mom! Chris got me a coach diaper bag for my birthday, which I am super excited about!!! If I have to carry something like that around for a few years I want it to be something I like! Look at this beauty!


I sort of want to call this what I don’t want to remember….but last week I had a little scare and went to the doctor. Pregnancy can be so scary sometimes! Me and baby are doing well, but still. I was so worried that my blood pressure got dangerously high there for a little while. I really appreciate how amazing my nurse and doctor are. I think it is very important to find someone you are comfortable with when you are pregnant. I have been going to my doctor for a long time so there was no question I would use her.

Does anyone have any suggestions for best crib mattress? I know they make some double sided for infant and toddler, but I wasn’t sure if there is one brand that is better than the next? The prices are all over the place for them!!